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Our next show will take place on Monday, December 5. Tickets $20 ... gets yours now!
Note: if you experience difficulty with Paypal, or would rather not use Paypal, you have the option to pay by e-transfer (to If you are ordering more than one ticket, please provide the names of those attending. We do not actually send printed tickets, but keep a list of attendees, to be checked off at the door.

Click on the photos below for more info about who you will see on our stage in December ...

Headshot (1).jpg
Shanan Cunnington
Why Is This So Hard For You?
Stephen Ferraro
I Have No Business
Running a Small Business
Kim Headshot.jpg
Kim Johnson
We Are Not Promised Tomorrow
Gorgeous shots-37.jpg
Rachel Jones
Progress, Not Perfection
Sya VanGeest
Canadian and African Grandmothers: 
Together Big Things Are Happening!
Lisa Browning
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