Our First Show will take place on Monday, September 12. Tickets $20 ... gets yours now!
Note: if you experience difficulty with Paypal, or would rather not use Paypal, you have the option to pay by e-transfer (to lisa@onethousandtrees.com). If you are ordering more than one ticket, please provide the names of those attending. We do not actually send printed tickets, but keep a list of attendees, to be checked off at the door.

Here's who you'll see on our stage! Click on photos to view bios.

Samantha Kis
From F**ked, To Fired, To Femininist
Barb Evoy.jpg
Barbara Lustgarten Evoy
Crafting a Healthier Life Lens
Bob McCabe.jpg
Bob McCabe
What A Gift!
Kat O'Brien
Reclaiming My Magick
Tanya Olsen.jpg
Tanya Olsen
You Fall, You Learn, You Get Back Up

(Rumour has it that Rob Osburn might say a few words too!!)
Bob MacLean
Musical Guest
Fergus 2019-8.jpg